Getting There

Located ideally at under 4 hours drive away from Mumbai and Pune Diveagar is at just the perfect distance from Mumbai and Pune for a quick weekend trip. The only way to reach Diveagar is by road and the distance from Mumbai to Diveagar is 190 kms while Pune to Diveagar is 160 kms via the Mulshi route. Diveagar can be reached from Pune also via the Verandha ghat (Bhor).

  • Mumbai to Diveagar

    Mumbai to Diveagar

    Distance from Mumbai to Diveagar by road is 190 kms via NH17 through Vadkhal. Diveagar is aboout 110 kms from Vadkhal. Diveagar can be reached from Mumbai in about 4.5 hours

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  • Pune to Diveagar

    Pune to Diveagar

    One could travel to Diveagar from Pune via the Mulshi - Tamhini ghat route or Bhor - Verandha ghat - Goregaon route. The distance that one has to cover remains almost the same which is about 160 kms.

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How to Reach

Diveagar is a small beach town and getting to Adulkar's Laxmi Nartayan Holiday home is pretty easy. Once you enter the Diveagar village take a right turn and head straight on the road towards the 'suvarna Ganesh' Temple.

Once you get past the temple continue towards the 'Shivaji Putala chowk' Adulkar's Laxmi Nartayan Holiday home is hardly a minute from the chowk. The best way however would be to just give a ring so that you can guided over the phone to help you reach Adulkar's Laxmi Nartayan Holiday home.

Distances to Diveagar