Diveagar Holidays

Earlier the main attraction of Diveagar was the 'Suvarna Ganesh mandir'. Although the mask unfortunately was stolen from the temple in 2012 the popularity of Diveagar beach did not diminish thanks to the beautiful beach that no one can steal! Diveagar is flanked by two lesser know beaches. Velas to the north of Diveagar is famous for the turtle festival. Aaravi is a small beach to the south of Diveagar.

  • Diveagar Beach

    Diveagar Beach

    A beach that shot up in popularity after a serendipitous discovery of a golden mask of the elephant god Ganesha, Diveagar, is a prosperous village located at one end of the triple Raigad beaches. Diveagar is well known for its high waves

  • Food in Diveagar

    Food in Diveagar

    Only moring tea and breakfast is served at the homestay. Diveagar has many restaurants offering different cuisines however home made food served in the lunch homes is your best option to enjoy veg and non veg delicacies.


Diveagar beach is the primary attraction of Diveagar. With water sports and parasailing on the beach Diveagar is a lively Konkan beach. Typical of the Raigad beaches Diveagar beach has a thin film of white sand which covers the underlying fine black sand.

Believed to be built in the thirteenth century, Rupnarayan Temple is located on the way to the Diveagar beach. The temple has been recently renovated and now is one of the prime attractions of diveagar.

Highlights of Diveagar